Carbon Trust Finance

Carbon8Lighting has been approved by the Carbon Trust and Siemens Finance to offer finance on ALL carbon8 lighting products and installation!

Why it’s good to finance an LED lighting installation

You may actually decrease your business overheads immediately without ANY capital outlay!


By installing LED technology, the saving on your electricity bill may well more than cover the monthly cost of a loan repayment or lease, meaning that your business becomes greener, you have the latest LED lighting technology and your company overhead will, in many cases, decrease.

And once the financing/repayment period is completed you will then benefit from the full cost saving from your efficient LED lighting.

This finance packages are simple to arrange and is arranged for you, directly by us.

The government has now ceased its 0% finance offering through The Carbon Trust. This new program, run by Siemens Financial Services, is now the affordable financial offering from The Carbon Trust.

If you would like to know more about the launch of this new incentive then please go to the Carbon Trust pages at the link below:

To qualify for this financial assistance an energy saving assessment must first be carried out. We can carry out this assessment for you. The assessment calculates the total reduction in carbon dioxide (CO₂), measured in tonnes per annum, that will be the result of replacing conventional lighting with energy efficient LED lighting.