About Us

Starting in 2011, Carbon8Lighting offers a range of market leading LED light fittings designed specifically for industrial/commercial applications.

Industry leading performance combined with clever design and unique customer support has propelled Carbon8Lighting to the front of the LED lighting market.

Carbon8Lighting offers customers comprehensive pre sales assistance with light simulations, return on investment calculations, project support and far more.

Carbon8Lighting is a wholly owned brand belonging to Taran Microsystems Limited, offering IT services since 1992. Company registration number 2751845.

LED Technology

LED lighting units and computer systems both have a semiconductor chip at their hearts, and this chip produces large quantities of excess heat that directly impacts on the performance of the chip. For a computer this results in processor crashes and with the LED module it means lower light output and a shorter life span.

The high performance LED chip market is dominated by a few key players and these companies provide the specifications for the optimum working temperatures for their LED’s. Keeping the LED core at the correct temperature means that the maximum light output available from the LED chip can be maintained.

LED technology is evolving at a dramatic pace and the efficiency and outright performance of LED is improving constantly.