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Cardiff Galvanizers Enjoys a Perfect Working Environment

Carbon8 Lighting’s LED Multifunction luminaires have been installed at Cardiff Galvanizers to reduce energy consumption and maintenance, whilst providing a perfectly lit working environment. The figures are impressive; the total overall operating costs of the company for all light fittings has been drastically reduced from £5,330.62 to £2,231.42 with a payback period of only 2.5 years.

Cardiff Galvanizers Holdings specialise in Hot Dip Galvanizing, Shot Blasting, Metal Spraying, Painting and Powder Coating. The company premises occupy 75,000 sq ft and cover 4 acres of land. The lighting refurbishment commenced in the Hot Dip Galvanizing plant where 29 Carbon8Lighting 180W Multifunction floodlights were installed to replace the existing 400W Metal Halide lamps.  This in itself took the power consumption from 440W down to 180W per fitting. The results were so good that Carbon8Lighting were asked to supply 7 x 100W LED floodlights mounted on pylons in the main loading area and 3 x 150W LED high bay luminaires in the Galvanising control room. Additionally, the Powder Coating Pre-treatment Spray Booth had 4 x 30W LED Floodlights installed along with 4 x 100W LED Floodlights in the Powder Coating outside loading area.

With good levels of natural light available in the galvanizing loading area, Cardiff Galvanizers have taken advantage of one of the many benefits of LED lighting, giving instant full light output in an instant, by using photocell light level sensors that detect light levels and switch the fittings off when natural light levels are sufficient.

Gareth Heath from Cardiff Galvanizers commented   “I heard about Carbon8 via the internet when I was looking into companies approved by the Carbon Trust and, having spoke to a few companies, Carbon8 was the most informative and had no hesitation in arranging a site visit to do a lighting survey. The recommendations provided exactly what we were looking for, even the position of the lights so that they didn’t interfere with overhead cranes”.

Available in single or double and with various power models, the Carbon8 Lighting high efficiency LED Multi-Function fixture is the ultimate commercial luminaire. Its unique patented design, combined with the highest quality materials and components, results in the maximum illumination, maximum energy savings and maximum performance – the LED Multi-Function is the leader in its class. Built in surge protection and automatic thermal management also ensures that this luminaire is the most reliable and maintenance-free LED light fitting on the market today.